Where to buy the best Meyer Lemons in Redding, California

Beauitufl meyer lemon tree with lots of lemons in healdsburg, CA.
GGs Meyer lemon tree.

I love my Grandmother’s Meyer Lemon tree in Healdsburg, California.  It is huge, and old, but not super tall.  So you can pick lots of lemons.  It produces so many lemons also, and sometimes, all year round. Unfortunately, my grandmothers house is a few hours away, and I sometimes need to buy lemons locally.



Colainder filled with bright yellow meyer lemons, from my grandmothers house in Healdsburg, California.  Center of wine country.
Grandma’s Meyer lemons are the best.

I love the local health food store, Orchard Nutrition. They always have some local, Shasta county, fruit and/or vegetables, for their customers. In the winter/spring, they often have fresh Meyer lemons and at a very reasonable price. Sold by the pound not per fruit.  They have them right now I was just in there the other day.


Colainder of meyer lemons, a bright yellow lemon, that is full of lots of juice.
Meyer lemons are great for their abundance of lemon juice.

2 thoughts on “Where to buy the best Meyer Lemons in Redding, California

  1. Hi. I see your recommendation for the best Meyer lemons in Redding is quite old. I’m just chiming in to let you know that the BEST Meyer lemons in Redding are sold at the Holiday Mkt. at the top of Placer Rd. They come from local grower/distributor Urban Lemon and are far superior to anything I’ve had from any other source locally. They are organically grown and worth the price ($2.99/lb). My experience with Orchard Nutrition is that they will buy just about any product from anybody who walks in with one and do not in any way verify the growing conditions or overall production of local produce. It’s a shame. I know they used to carry Urban Lemon Meyers exclusively (5-6 years ago) but they go through produce managers rather rapidly and things change…too bad for Orchard Nutrition. Check out Holiday and enjoy the best lemons you’ll ever taste!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I thought the lemons were from Shasta county, that is what the sign said at Orchard I totally forgot that Holiday Market also has lemons! I will have to go by there. Also Tops Market in Redding and Weaverville has some local lemons which are good also. None are as good as my Grandmother’s, the best lemons ever!

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