Virginia Creeper








This vine is growing up a tree now for many years at my parents place. It is more noticeable around this time of year as the vine is bright red. It is quite pretty. I found more information about the vine at the University of Arkansas website written by a retired horticulturist. He seems to have a sense of humor.

Virginia Creeper Latin: Celosia Parthenocissus quinquefolia.Because Virginia creeper is a vine that grows in the woods, people jump to the conclusion that it must be poison ivy. About the only characteristic Virginia creeper shares with poison ivy is that it grows in the woods. But so do oak trees and bears, and people hardly ever seem to confuse them.


Virginia creeper has one of those interesting scientific names that just seem to roll off your tongue — assuming it’s a well lubricated tongue. The genus name is from the Greek word parthenos, which means virgin and refers to Virginia, which was named after England’s virgin queen, Elizabeth I. The second part of the name, kissos, is Latin for ivy. The epitaph translates literally as “five leaves.”

this beautiful plant is crawling up a huge pine tree, in Trinity county, CA .  It is bright red in the fall.
Virginia creeper in Trinity county, California

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