Trinity County Farmers Market, Willow Creek Organic Farm

Picture of red, green, and yellow peppars, also watermelons, cucumbers, and butter nut squash, from Willow Creek Organic Farms.
Farmers Market in Weaverville, CA.

The Farmers’ Market in Weaverville, is every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.   Next week is the last week for the season.  It’s held in the field next to the Highland Art Museum.

One of the vendors is Willow Creek Organic Farms, located down river, at Willow Creek.  It’s about an hour or so from Weaverville heading to the coast.

Beutiful display of carros, squashes butternut and acorn, at the Weaverville Farmers' Market.
Farmers’ Market featuring the Willow Creek Organic Farm.



Willow Creek Farm did such a nice job displaying their vegetables and fruits that I asked to take a photograph.  The chalkboards were a nice touch to their display.




Here is a link to their website and their Facebook page.

Willow Creek Organic Farm display of autumn fruits and vegetables, peppers, green, yellow and red. Also small watermelons, green with dark green strips.
Willow Creek Organic Farm display of autumn fruits and vegetables

Willow Creek Organic Farm

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