Finally, some Blackberries

Blackberries are the greatest fruit ever. I love standing in the middle of the blackberry bushes and picking them. It can be painful yes, but they are worth every prick of the thorns. You hands and arms can itch and feel irritated after picking them. Below are pictures of the blackberries that I picked. My neighbors can attest to these wonderful tasting blackberries. Please comment below neighbor with your opinion. 🙂

Food networks recipe for Classic Belgian Waffles, served with blackberries from trinity county, CA.

Belgian Waffles with Blackberries

the best blackberries ever, on a beautiful waffle, made from a recipe on the foodnetwork. Classic belgian waffle.
Belgian Waffles with blackberries from Trinity county, California

I picked around six cups of blackberries this morning. They are delicious. I used the recipe from The Food Network, it was the first one that I saw. It is compliments of Emeril Lagasse.