Sunset, Granzellas in Williams

I was driving up north one evening and manged to get this photo on my android. I stopped at Granzella’s in Williams. It’s agreat place to stop and take a break, eat, shop, have a coffee, gelato, or a deli sandwich. They have excellent olives which they make, and also a full restaurant, and a full bar. They also have a hotel.

Beautiful sunset at Granzellas in Williams
Caught this sunset while visiting Granzellas at Williams.

Beautiful bright pink, blue, orange sunset and the black shadow of the mountains, trinity county, summer sunset.

Evening Sunset, Trinity County, California

beautiful sunset with pink clouds and a bluish purple sky, in Trinity county, near Douglas City, California.
Love the colors in this photo.


The other night as I walked outside on the porch and I realized the sky had beautiful colors from the sunset. I took these photographs.
Sunset bright pink, purple, in Trinity County, Douglas City, California.
Beautiful sunsets in Trinity county.