Pink and White Oleander



Pink Oleander
This beautiful pink flower is toxic is all it’s parts, especially to animals.
Oleander is sually used for an ornamental plant.  It grows very large, tall, wide, bushy, and blooms white and pink flowers. For years on Interstate 5, in northern California there was Oleander that was planted in the middle of the north and south interstate.  Today it is being removed.
Pink Oleander
Nerium Oleander
Nerium Oleander, White




Blackberry Bushes and Poison Oak

This is really happened to me. A couple of years ago I was on a wild blackberry picking frenzy . As I picked a blackberry and ate it, I realized that the leaf next to it and touching it was not blackberry looking. Turns out, I was standing in a huge of poison oak plant, picking and eating blackberries in the poison oak leaves. When I realized what I was doing, panic mode kicked in. I thought I might get poison oak in my mouth or something. So I backed out of the poison oak, walked back to the house, and when I got there, stripped outside, at the backdoor and jumped into a soapy cold shower.I did not get poison oak, and maybe that is because I have been picking blackberries in that same spot since I was a little girl. I just never noticed it before, or even knew or cared what poison oak was. Below are the pictures, of the spot where I was standing. The poison oak seems to be spreading. Below is the picture of the spot I was standing in the blackberry bushes.