Beautiful bunch of eight or so pink naked ladies against an old wood fence.

Pink Naked Ladies or Bella Donna Flowers

Beautiful Bella donnas or naked ladies a flower from the amaryllis family and are usually a light pink, like the ones pictured here, light pink with  a wooden fence background.
Bella Donnas in Shasta county.



Naked Ladies are part of the Amryllis family.  They are also called Ayryllis Belladonna and Belladonnas.  These bulbs came up in the yard as volunteers, and they have bloomed since.  I really love these flowers, especially since they came for free in the yard.















That was in Shasta county, I haven’t seen any in Trinity county, but I may try to plant some.  I just learned that peonies can grow here and I had no idea!  California is so versatile!  Most people who are from other places thing everyone in California lives on the beach!  I am two hours away from the nearest beach, and it’s very very cold water!  The Pacific ocean in northern California, and the upper west coast is cold!  Many people who enjoy water sports wear wet suits.

Naked Ladies bloomed and gone again.

My favorite, the naked lady, these beautiful flowers are just amazing.  So light and pink and a volunteer flower, that is just beautiful.  


Now we have them in two locations in the yard and quite abundant.  They are also known as belladonna lily, the naked lady, amarillo and amaryllis.


Naked Ladies, Flowers, Northern California, Shasta County

One of my favorite flowers naked ladies.  Known as naked ladies because they do not have any leaves just one thick stem.
For the past couple years, there have been naked lady volunteers in the yard.  They have such beautiful pink flowers.  They seem to show up in new places every year.