Beautiful lemon bloom, white with yellow center, and a very light floral fragrant.

Grandma Terry’s Meyer Lemons in Healdsburg, CA

Beautiful huge Meyer lemons on my grandmothers 30+ year old tree in Healdsburg, large lemonds very yellow and very juicy.
Grandma Terry’s Lemon Tree in Healdsburge, CA.

Grandma Terry had the most beautiful old Meyer lemon tree. Most likely this tree is thirty years or older it produces lemons almost all year long.  You can pick two paper grocery bags full of lemons and no one would notice that any are gone.  I love lemons and I think I know why.

We are so used to having Meyer lemons. my aunt makes marmalade, we have lemonade often, and my sugar cookies which have lemon rind in them. Lemon water is also very refreshing winter or summer. Must not forget, Chicken Picatta, with lemon juice and capers.



Meyer lemon tree that has large amounts of lemons on it almost year round, pictured the tree is full or orangy colored lemons.
Meyer lemons on Grandma Terry’s tree.


These lemons have thick rinds, but are also very juicy, they almost look like oranges at times.  Due to the dark yellow rind color, and they are so juicy too almost like oranges.







Lemon blossoms a light delicate tiny white flower with yellow pistils and dark green leaves.
Lemon blossoms on Grandma Terry’s Lemon Tree

Have you ever smelled the lemon flower bloom? Before the lemon?  It is amazing! Such a light floral fragrant. If only you could bottle the fragrance!  It it wonderful!  Stop to smell the lemon blooms people!







Colainder of meyer lemons, a bright yellow lemon, that is full of lots of juice.

Where to buy the best Meyer Lemons in Redding, California

Beauitufl meyer lemon tree with lots of lemons in healdsburg, CA.
GGs Meyer lemon tree.

I love my Grandmother’s Meyer Lemon tree in Healdsburg, California.  It is huge, and old, but not super tall.  So you can pick lots of lemons.  It produces so many lemons also, and sometimes, all year round. Unfortunately, my grandmothers house is a few hours away, and I sometimes need to buy lemons locally.



Colainder filled with bright yellow meyer lemons, from my grandmothers house in Healdsburg, California.  Center of wine country.
Grandma’s Meyer lemons are the best.

I love the local health food store, Orchard Nutrition. They always have some local, Shasta county, fruit and/or vegetables, for their customers. In the winter/spring, they often have fresh Meyer lemons and at a very reasonable price. Sold by the pound not per fruit.  They have them right now I was just in there the other day.


Colainder of meyer lemons, a bright yellow lemon, that is full of lots of juice.
Meyer lemons are great for their abundance of lemon juice.
Beautiful bright yellow meyer lemons from Chico, CA.


Lemons are the most wonderful fruit.  Close up of a perfect yellow lemon with the green leaves in a bowl with more lemons.
Beautiful lemons.

Lemons are finally in season in California. We are so spoiled here. It is so nice not to buy lemons. Thanks to all my friends for the free lemons! I have enough for hummus all month long and to make lemon sugar cookies for the holiday’s.