Bald Eagle on the Trinity River, Trinity County


A few days ago I went to see how many more trees the beavers had claimed for their dam of the Trinity River.  They are very determined.  While I was down by the river, I think the eagle was hunting and I may have startled him/her.  Here are the pictures, honestly I am not even sure it is an eagle.  This one looks different, and has different colors than the ones I normally see.  What do you think?






Beautiful bald eagle flying over me.

California Bald Eagle flying over Trinity River, CA

Bald Eagle flying over the Trinity river, California.
A couple months back I was following the eagle along the river. He went behind the mountain, and I thought he was gone. Shortly after, he swooped right over me as I was at the river, I was so surprised that I barely got a picture. His wing span seemed very wide.