Wildflower Hike in Weaverville, California

Beautiful close up of a native wild flower in Trinity county california the Calypso Orchid, which is a bright fuschia purple with a beard petal of the same color and black and brown dots.

Happy May Day!  What better way to start the month than with some beautiful flowers!


I went for a short hike last weekend and looked at wild flowers in the East Weaver Basin Trail.  It was beautiful, there were quite a few flowers!  But it was raining quite a bit!


I managed to get some nice photos of these flowers, native to Trinity county, California. Pictured here is the Calypso Orchid, a native wild flower.

The hike was great, quite a few people, I hope to get back this week on a sunny day.






Beautiful close up of a native wild flower in Trinity county california the Calypso Orchid, which is a bright fuschia purple with a beard petal of the same color and black and brown dots.
Native wildflower, the Calypso Orchid, Trinity county.


















Pictured s an oak tree trunk and several hound's tongue wild flowers growiing around. The hounds tongue is a big broad leaves at the ground and a stalk coming up with tiny bluish purple flowers and some are reddish purple.
Hound’s Tongue Wild flowers in Trinity county, native species of wild flowers.







Hound’s Tongue is another native wild flower to Trinity county.  It has beautiful bright green leaves that are broad, and then one large stem or stalk coming out and there are flowers at the top of the stem. There was a lot of Hound’s Tongue flowering and growing everywhere.  Where at the Calypso orchid we saw one!







Beautiful close up chot of the flower of the Hound's Tongue it has bright purple five petals with a white circle of pistals, and then a black and yellow center.
Hound’s Tongue Wildflower in Weaverville, California.


























Hound’s Tongue was found all over on this hike!





















This native to Trinity county wild flower is a tiny little purple and black and yellow flower with black and yellow on the very front tip and a purple flower that is looking like a dragon fly, one stem has several flowers shooting off.
Native wild flowers Henderson’s Shooting Star in Trinity county.







The Trinity county native wild flowers are so beautiful! Many of these flowers do not grow at my house, the area we went for a hike at was very wooded, wet, and hilly.  This native wild flower is from the Primerose family.

Next sis the beautiful Henderson’s Shooting Star, this flower is very tiny and delicate with several flowers shooting out, of one star shaped flower.  It’s tiny stalk with multiple stalks coming out which have the flowers.  There were lots of shooting stars.


























Showy phlox is a bright pink wild flower in Trinity county, pictured is a piece of wood with a showy phlox facing down after a rain and rain drops on the backs of the petals.
Beautiful showy phlox after a spring rain.





These are called Showy Phlox, in the Phlox famly apparently.

This natve wild flower to Trinity county likes the wooded and rocky hillsides, They also bloom in May.








Pictured s a bright pink flower with a kelly green leaves in the background, showy phlox is a Trinity county native wild flower from the phox family.
Showy phlox is a beautiful bright pink native wild flower in the phlox family.





















Tall Mountain Larkspur or Dwarf Larkspur?




Lastly we have Mountain Larkspur, which is a tall stem with lots of purple flowers.  We only saw some tiny ones.












Horse and Cowboy Sculpture, Woodland, California

Giant bronze cowboy sculpture pictured holding a wild silver stallion not pictured in this photo.
Beautiful sculptures in front of the Mod Pizza, Woodland.



If you drive Interstate 5 north of Scaramento you may want to stop in Woodland at Costco, Starbucks, In and Our, or numerous other stores.  Just off 5 you will find a shopping mall, that has a variety of stores, restaurants, and even gas.  I like to stop for gas at Costco, and get a coffee for the long drive back.  Also if I have any cookie supplies to get, I can hop over to Michael’s which is there also.

The sculptures are just as you enter the first shopping entrance, on the right side, at the Mod Pizza.  They are Gigantic!  I love the silver horse, and the cowboy is impressive also.  I cannot find the artists name at the moment.  Leave me a comment if you know of their work!  These pieces are beautiful!


Beautiful huge silver horse sculptre in front of the Mod pizza in Woodland CA right at the entrance to all the shopping.
Silver Horse Sculpture in Woodland CA

Rustic Cottages, Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Vista, Placer County

Lots of outdoor water activities to do in Lake Tahoe, California, Nevada.
Paddle boarding dog on Lake Tahoe at Tahoe Vista, CA.

Get ready for summer everyone!  Number one destination for many people that I know in the summer is Lake Tahoe.  World wide Tahoe is known for it’s vast amount of snow, and snow sports, but summer is just as much fun as the winter on and around Lake Tahoe.  You can hike to the peaks of various mountains!  I myself have hiked Mt. Rose and many areas near Tahoe Donner.  There is river rafting and tubing on the Truckee river.  The Shakespeare Festival near the east shore on the Nevada side, at Sand Harbor is another great event.





Tahoe Vista, Lake Tahoe, Rustic cottages, Placer county, beautiful lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe, Rustic Cottages.

My family has visited all sides of lake Tahoe!  We found Rustic Cottages because they had more than just a room for everyone.  We can have a cabin or two, and also rent the smaller cabins, so that each family within the family has their own cabin.  We all join in the breakfast cabin in the a.m and have our lunches and meals at the cabin that our family rented.  It’s a fabulous time, and we have our own little retreats also, while on a family vacation.

Rustic Cottages on Lake Tahoe, at Tahoe Vista, is a great place to escape, and enjoy the mountains of the Tahoe region, and Placer counties, and other counties.  Rustic Cottages, is in Tahoe Vista, on the California side.  It’s just a short ways from Incline Village, which is on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.



The cottages are cute, and self sufficient, and the cabins are great with hot tubs out side on the decks.  With each cabin or cottage rental, you get your own mug to take home too, which is a pretty neat souvenir.


Tahoe Vista, Lake Tahoe, Rustic cottages, Placer county, beautiful lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe, view of the lake from the beach.












Beautiful lake Whiskeytown in northern CA.

Whiskeytown Lake from the South Side

Whiskeytown lake in northen CA, in Shast county west of Redding CA. The water is blue, green, clearn and gorgeous.
Whiskeytown lake is beautiful and wonderful to swim in.


Finally, I managed to get to the lake and swim. I have been to this same spot a couple of times, but not yet this year. It is located on the South side of the lake, after you drive over the dam. I love this spot, the water reminds me of the sea.

Whiskey town lake is wonderful because no matter the drought, it will always be full and ready for activities, camping, boating, kayaking, skiing, sailing, or whatever activity you would like.

Below is Lily, my Mom’s dog, she loved the water, but not necessarily to swim. She never went any deeper than her stomach. We were at the beach for two hours and she did not sit once.


Lily a white lab and shepard mix enjoying the refreshing waters of Whiskeytown lake.
Lily enjoying Whiskeytown lake.








upclose shot of the beautiful Whiskeytown lake with the bluish green water and at the very top of the pic in the distance you can see the mountrain range leading to Trinity county.
Beautiful Whiskeytown Lake, in Shasta county.


These pictures were taken on the south east side of the lake, it has a white sand and more granite.  Other parts of the lake can have red sand for instance.