Sleeping duck black and white, with gray and bluish rocks in the background, and the dark water with the reflection of the duck.

Wild Common Merganser Ducks in the Trinity River

Two wild common Merganser ducks swimming on the Trinity river.
Wild common Merganser ducks swimming.

These ducks are amazing!  I looked up these ducks and they are the common Merganser wild duck also called the Goosander.  they are larger ducks of lakes and rivers, and they prefer the fresh water. They are common to North America, Europe and Asia.

I love to watch them ducking in and out of the water getting food.They eat fish and nest in holes in trees.  Which makes perfect sense there are a lot of trees in this area.


Wild Common Merganser ducks swimming upriver in the Trinity river, northern California.
Common Merganser ducks in the Trinity river, CA.


These Common Merganser wild ducks like to swim up the side of the river, and then they float down.  sometimes with little ducklings following.  it’s adorable. In the Trinity river, we mostly see these wild ducks in the winter.


Red Robins, Redding, California


We had a water leak in the front yard recently and the red robins were the ones that made us aware that it was there.  They kept gathering at this one spot for a day or two, not one or two birds but several at a time.  I took these picture, before scaring them off. I think I took the photo from indoors.  These photos were taken before all the rain.  Luckily it has been raining lots this past few days, and hopefully enough to save the birds as there has been a shortage of water.



Red Robins gathering for water in Shasta county.
Red robins gather at the street for a water leak.
Red Robins getting water from a water leak.
Red Robins, probably noticing a shortage of water this year.
Red Robins gather to drink
Red Robins, Shasta County






Birds in the Yard

There are lots of birds in Northern California and especially near the rivers. It is hard to get pictures of birds as they are frightened quite easily, but here are a few pics that I managed to get the other day. A couple of woodpecker’s and not sure what other kind of cute little bird this is. Nor what the next bird, but the last is a Woodpecker.