Beautiful pink hyacinth has many tiny blooms on on stock and very fragrant.

Pink Hyacinth in Shasta County


This beautiful flower blooms annually, and is a perennial and that means, that if they are successful the first time around, if everything goes right, they should bloom again, the following year.  So you don’t have to go and buy more seeds, or flowers. 


Two stalks of pink hyacinths which are many blooms per stock of pink fragrant blooms.
Pink Hyacinth.



In addition some annuals spread themselves, and you might find more in your garden than you planned.  My mother planted these Hyacinth and they are gorgeous.  Every year they get bigger, and smell better.






Beautiful pink hyacinth has many tiny blooms on on stock and very fragrant.
Pink Hyacinth, a very fragrant bloom.



Hyacinths are an early spring bloom, February or March sometimes in California.   They smell go good also.  What a lovely fragrance they have.

Grandma’s Flowers

It’s no wonder I have a love for flowers!  My Grandmother has gorgeous flowers at her house, as does my mother, and both my aunts.  There were always flowers around in my childhood.    I was talking with someone the other day and there are so many to choose from, that it’s hard to pick a favorite.
My Grandmother has beautiful flowers throughout the yard.  There are camillias, Gerbera daisies, Begonia’s, Birds of Paradise, and roses of course.  Many of which are tree’s too which bloom, like dogwood, fig, and plum.  
Begonia, beautiful, bright and pink.
Pink begonia close up.
Pink Begonia’s at Grandma’s.


Camillia’s a big beautiful tree.
Pink Gerbera daisy in a red clay pot.
Pink Gerbera Daisy, my absolute favorites.

Hibiscus in Redding and Shasta County

beautiful light purple hibiscus with dark fuscia in the center of each petal and an off white pistol in the middle, with green background of the foliage.
Beautiful purple Hibiscus, Shasta county, California
Hibiscus is a beautiful flower and plant.  I love the white ones, and the purple ones for that matter.  The neighbor has a bush which has been formed into a tree, and the flowers are up above.  My mother’s is more like a bush.  Not quite as old as the neighbors, his tree must be 30+ years old.
Purple hibiscus blooms two of them they are a light purple and dark reddish purple in the center with a cone in the center, that is off white color, greenery surround the flowers.
Purple Hibiscus in Redding, CA
Hibiscus is popular because it attracts bees and butterflies, also you may be more familiar with hibiscus as a tea.  There are hundreds of varieties of the hibiscus flowers, and bush.
The hibiscus prefers a warmer climate.  This is the technical name for this type of hibiscus, Hibiscus syriacus.
Hibiscus in Redding, California.
This year, right before the purple hibiscus bloomed, I stepped out the door, and I smelled coconut.   I could not figure out where the scent was coming from.  As it turns out it was the Hibiscus!

White hibiscus flower and my little brothers old Tonka truck and when I say old I mena old.
We probably should have not let the truck go like that.
Hibiscus syriacus and Tonka truck.









Close up of Penny's pink rose, beautiful light pink and lighter pink with a tint of orange.

Penny’s Roses in Redding, California

Fuschia red rose in Redding California.

This rose is the same every year and beautiful!
Fuschia Rose
 My mother has beautiful roses, they are continually blooming it seems, and she has a wide variety of different types and colors of roses. 
Pennys Pink rose in Shasta County.

Pink white rose, after a rain, in Penny's garden
Penny’s pink white rose, in the garden tract, Redding, CA.
Pink White Rose after rain.

Penny's rose, orange, and some chives, in the garden tract, Redding, CA.
Penny’s orange rose, and chives, in the Garden Tract.
Orange Rose and Chives.

Tropicana rose, Penny's rose, this one is an orange, salmon like color, blooms almost all year long.
Penny’s rose, Tropicana rose.
Tropicana Rose