Autumn Colors in Trinity County, CA

Beautiful red and green leaves on a maple tree in Trinity county, northern CA.
Beautiful colors on this maple tree.

Autumn has almost come and gone already, the leaves are falling now rapidly and the weather is getting quite cold.   There was frost on the blackberry bushes yesterday morning and today it is raining hard.  Such a nice change after a long hot smokey summer of fires in northern California.






Blueberry bush leaves of green, red, and orange autumn colors.
Blueberry bushes turn brilliant colors.



My heart goes out to those rebuilding and who had lost there homes all throughout northern California.  So many people evacuated, homes lost, lost loved ones, and to those that lost their animals.  It all happened so quick.  I drove through right as the fires started in Lake county.  It was devastating.  I hope that everyone is safe and sheltered now.




Beautiful big birch tree with yellow leaves, and the sun shining with the view of the Trinity river behind.
Sun rays shining on the yellow leaves.


As the rains fall the leaves disappear, here is a last glimpse of Autumn this year.  I love the range of colors from yellow, to orange and green.





Blueberry bush with two blueberries and bright colored red and organge, green leaves.
Blueberries in the fall.

October and Fall Colors in Trinity County

I took these photographs over the weekend during a short walk. The trees are so beautiful during the fall season, all the different colors. The leaves are falling rapidly and the nights are growing colder.

I cut my walks short though because I was a bit concerned with a bear being around. There is so much bear scat, and I have never hardly seen any before. I went for a walk but was too nervous because at the riverside there was more, and it was not there the day before.