Pomegranate Tree in Chico, Butte County

Beautiful blooms for the pomegranate fruit in Chico California. A bright pink in the sunligt.
Pomegranate fruit blooming in the sun.

I love pomegranates, they are so delicious.  I remember eating them when I was a child, and eating the seeds sometimes but not all the time.
Recently, I read the seeds are really good for you.  Pomegranates in general are very good for you.  Wonderful as an addition in salads.







Pomegranate fruit starting to form in Chico, California.




My friend has a pomegranate tree in Chico, California.  The blossoms were just turning to fruit in early July.  The pomegranates are probably about ready now, and I should call my friend and see if they are ripe yet.


Pomegranate just starting and blossom dying off.

Beautiful pomegranates! This one is still very green, and the beginning of the fruit looks like a flower at the bottom, you can see the flower bloom dark pink wilted away.
Pomegranate fruit just starting, the flower bloom is seen wilting away.

Pictured is a small pomegranate tree in the fall in Chico, California.
Small pomegranate tree in Chico California.





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