Pink Hyacinth in Shasta County


This beautiful flower blooms annually, and is a perennial and that means, that if they are successful the first time around, if everything goes right, they should bloom again, the following year.  So you don’t have to go and buy more seeds, or flowers. 


Two stalks of pink hyacinths which are many blooms per stock of pink fragrant blooms.
Pink Hyacinth.



In addition some annuals spread themselves, and you might find more in your garden than you planned.  My mother planted these Hyacinth and they are gorgeous.  Every year they get bigger, and smell better.






Beautiful pink hyacinth has many tiny blooms on on stock and very fragrant.
Pink Hyacinth, a very fragrant bloom.



Hyacinths are an early spring bloom, February or March sometimes in California.   They smell go good also.  What a lovely fragrance they have.

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