Monarch Butterfly, Trinity River, California

Beautiful Monach butterfly in a field of green along the Trinity river, California.
Monarch butterfly in Trinity county, California.

Celebrating the Mountain of Butterflies discovery, I thought I would post my pictures of a local Monarch butterfly here in California this last spring.  Google had their representation, and this is mine. I love the Monarch butterfly.

What is the Mountain of Butterflies?


Beautiful close up of the orange and black monarch butterfly in northern CA, celebrating the mountain of butterflies.
Beautiful Monarch Butterfly, Trinity river.


I was wondering the same thing.  Apparently 41 years ago, before 1975, people searched all over the north American continent, searching for where the butterflies went to during the winter.

After decades long of searching involving thousands of volunteers, then, they finally found out the answer.


Beautiful close up of the monarch butterfly in some blackberry bushes.
Monarch Butterfly in California.


A man names Ken Brugger, and Catalina Trail discovered one of nature’s most magnificent mysteries, where the Monarch butterfly spends the winter!  Apparently there are these forests with these trees, oyamel. Click on the name of the trees to see pictures of them in the thousands on the trees.



Monarch Butterfly in the green spring blackberry blooms.
Monarch Butterfly along the Trinity river, California.


The Monarchs gather in Mexico’s easternmost Sierra Madre Mountains.  The Monarch Butterflies gather in the millions.  It looks quite amazing!

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