Memorial for Firefighters

I went to the memorial yesterday in Junction City, CA for the fallen firefighters. I was glad that I went there were quite a few people there. I thought the governor might be there but he was not. There were some nice things said. It was an emotional event.

I thought that very nice, that the families came for the event.That must be so difficult. My cousin and I each baked about 6 loaves of bread zucchini and also zucchini banana. It is not much, but it was something we could do for the families.

There was some talk about policy change and implementing change in how things were handled. I guess that is the positive from all this negative. Steps will be taken to prevent future accidents.

I did not take any pictures at the memorial. I am not with the press, and I just thought it rude to take photos at a memorial. I copied this picture from the Record Searchlight.

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