Joss House in Weaverville, CA

Historic Park Joss House in Weaverville CA, has a walking bridge over a creek between the house and the welcome center.
Historic Joss House in Weaverville, California.
Joss House in Weaverville, CA..  One of the oldest chinese temples in the United States.
Joss House Chinese Temple, Trinity County.








The Joss House is like wallpaper to many residents of Weaverville, CA. Something that has been there so long that sometimes you barely notice it any more.

The Joss House is quite historic and called. The Temple among the Trees Beneath the Clouds (雲林廟), is was built 1874
Many residents clearly do enjoy the Joss House state historic park and the traditions and ceremonies that are still being held today.

Window of the Joss House, a very old 6 paned window, and the reflection of the welcome house in Weaverville, CA.
Joss House in Weaverville, a window.

The Joss House has festivals throughout the year, that everyone is welcome to join in.

Each year, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, a lion dance is performed at the Joss house.  It is wonderful to watch!  I believe I have posted photos of that also.  The dance is also performed on every fourth of July weekend.

Which is lots of fun in Weaverville, CA. There are so many things going on during the holidays.  I will try to post a schedule this year.


Here is a link to the Joss House official State Park page.

Weaverville Joss House, State Historic Park

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