Grapes, vineyards, and grape growers in Sonoma county.

Rows and rows of grapes.


Sonoma County Wine Grape Grower.


Beautiful bright red colored grape leaves.


Green grape leaves, black grapes, and red grape leaves.
As a child I lived for a short time, in Sonoma county, and still have family there.  I love this area of California.   The days can be hot, but for the most part, it always cools down at night due to it’s proximity to the ocean and the bays.  Sonoma county and the surrounding counties have lots of water, rivers, creeks, and lakes nearby, in addition, there are grape growers, and wine productions everywhere.
Beautiful symmetrical rows of grapes.



Green grass, and beautiful rows of grapes, Sonoma county.


Beautiful grapes in Healdsburg, California.

These are not young grape vines, these are very old. 🙂  Well taken care of also.  The area I was in was pristine, clean, and very well manicured especially the grapes.  

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