Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco




Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the city of San Francisco.
Golden Gate Bridge










Some pictures from my database of digital photographs.


These were taken a few years back from a trip with a good friend to the Presido park near the Marina District. Do you remember that? 🙂 The park is lovely and view of the bay is spectacular.


View of the San Francisco city line, blue skies, and green water from Treasure Island.
View of San Francisco from Treasure Island.

These particular photos were taken with an old Fuji camera, at the time the lens was somewhat damaged.

The last photograph is another day with the same camera and take from Treasure Island. This was a separate trip and Treasure Island has a wonderful view of San Francisco.

All the photographs have small discrepencies the camera had problems. If you notice how the horizon is warped. I have many lens warped photographs from this camera. You can correct this in Photoshop.





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