Gallstones and Gallbladders.

For the past year I had been having pains on my right hand side near my ribcage, and to the right and below.   Sometimes in the middle of my chest it was a painful feeling.  I was not sure what was wrong with me.  Then over Thanksgiving, probably due to all the yummy food, I started having more intense pain.  By the time Thanksgiving finished, a few days later, I had checked into the ER with pain.  

While at the ER, the ER doctor determined that I did indeed have gallstones in my gall bladder.  They referred me to a local surgeon, told me not to eat fats, and sent me home.  The pain had subsided and I was ok with going home.

Instead of going to the doctor they recommended, I went to my regular doctor, and she recommended another surgeon.  While waiting to see the doctor, I happened to mention in Facebook, to a friend about my health troubles.  She told me she had a booklet that I might be interested in, that has a gall bladder cleanse.   At first I was hesitant, but what did I have to lose?  I was about to lose my gall bladder as it looked anyway.
As I began reading the brochure, I felt confident I could do the fast/cleanse.  It was without food, but you had to drink four gallons of fresh apple juice over  four days, so roughly a gallon a day, and also lots of water.  Drinking these fluids keeps you filled up and was surprisingly easier than I had thought it would be.  If I got hungry I just drank more.    So I did it.  Everything went well, not exactly as the brochure described, but close enough.  I felt pretty good after the  cleanse, and my pain had subsided.  

Now, over two months later, I went back to the doctors to find out what my situation was and the results of the test.  The pain has been less, as my consuming fats had also decreased.  I had another test, that the surgeon wanted me to get done before visiting him.   It was a Hida Scan or a cholescintigraphy.  

After that test I got a call from the doctors assistant saying that everything looks great and that I do not have gallstones.  I am not sure if I am cured, but I am not going to argue with the doctors and insist I have them still.  I plan on doing the cleanse again also.  I don’t think it can hurt.

Obviously, I wasn’t needing surgery yet.  But what would have happened if I just listened to the doctors, and didn’t try something natural?  I have a feeling I might be without a gall bladder.  

The moral of this story is you can’t always believe what the doctors say, I highly doubt any of the doctors would have recommended I do this cleanse.  My own family doctor, said it could not hurt.  Not only, did it not hurt, it actually helped me greatly.

I highly recommend this cleanse brochure and website to someone who is suffering from gallstones.  Obviously you should consult your doctor first.  Also, not all gall bladder symptoms are alike, and if the pain is so terrible, obviously, there may be no option but to remove.  The gallstones size can determine how much pain you may be in.  Tiny ones may block passages and this may be serious.

Good luck and healthy eating to you!


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