Flowers with insects, at the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay’s McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

I went on another trip to the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Gardens in Redding, California  This local attraction is free, that is the wonderful part.  The bridge is free, the walking and biking trails are free, and consequently they actually go through all the way to the Shasta Dam from the bridge.   It offers so much, exploration park, museum, cafe, outdoor playground for children, old monolith, animals, and a seasonal butterfly exhibition.  It is quite spectacular and you could easily spend a few hours there with your family or friends.

Butterfly at the McConnel Arboretum and Botanical Garden along withe beautiful sage.
Sundial of the Sundial bridge, and some purple flowers of the botanical gardens.
The bridge from a higher point.



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