Christmas 2010 Whirlwind of Chocolates, Cookies, and Candies

Christmas 2010 was a winter wonderland adventure of cookies and chocolates rather than snow. I had lots of help with my Christmas treats.  These girls can really decorate, cookies and chocolate. When we started the chocolates, I had a design in mind, but that failed.  The girls did what they wanted and their ideas were better than mine, so I let them do what they wanted.  

Thanks ladies, I could not have done it without all your help.

Handmade peanut butter balls with Special K.


Callebaut chocolate made into Turtles with pecans and caramel.


Callebaut chocolate with marshmallows and walnuts, Rocky Road.


Callebaut chocolates with almonds and caramel.


Callebaut handmade chocolates, Ghiradelli chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and chocolate sable cookies.


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