Chicken Ranch Beach, Inverness, Marin County

Beautiful sailboats on the water at Chicken Ranch, Inverness, northern California beach.
Chicken Ranch in Inverness, Marin County

Father’s Day was a beautiful day out in Inverness, on Tomales Bay in Marin County. The day was sunny, and gorgeous. This is a wonderful beach for children as it is flat, and shallow, and mostly just sand and sea shells. We took a trip across the bay also to buy some fresh Manila clams. They were absolutely delicous!

Chicken Ranch beach in Marin county california
Chicken Ranch Beach, in Marin County California
Inverness has some lovely beaches in northern California. chicken ranch beach is photographed here.
Chicken Ranch

This last picture is of an Osprey diving in the water for a fish. He dove down quite a few times but we never saw him come back up with a fish. After reading some I find out that they are known for being in the Tomales bay area.




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