Cherry Tree and Cherries, Redding, California

These cherries are so delicious! We had a cherry pie just this past few days! I have just been eating them and eating them.

I could just eat them all day!  But unfortunately, they are not that easy to pick.

Cherries in Shasta County, Redding California, Veroniqque.
Cherries in Shasta County.
Cherries in Shasta county are delicious says, Veroniqque.
Cherries are in season May, usually.
Cherries are my absolute favorite, Veroniqque.
Cherries in Redding, California
Cherry tree, Redding, California.
Cherries in Redding, California.
Cherries off our Cherry Tree are so yummy, Shasta county, Veroniqque.
Cherries in May!





3 thoughts on “Cherry Tree and Cherries, Redding, California

  1. Can you let me know what variety? I just moved to Redding and want to plant a cherry tree and want to do it right. Any tips?


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