Beutiful display of carros, squashes butternut and acorn, at the Weaverville Farmers' Market.

Farmer’s Markets In Northern California

Here is a listing for the Farmers Market in Shasta County.  Starts April 3rd.

For Trinity County, I didn’t find a website, but i found a Facebook page, if you are interested in that Farmers Market.  It is every Wednesday starting at 4pm

Chico has a market on Saturday and Thursday, both located downtown, in addition to other days.

Below is the California Certified Grown Farmer’s Market you do a search to find local market’s in each city.

Sleeping duck black and white, with gray and bluish rocks in the background, and the dark water with the reflection of the duck.

Wild Common Merganser Ducks in the Trinity River

Two wild common Merganser ducks swimming on the Trinity river.
Wild common Merganser ducks swimming.

These ducks are amazing!  I looked up these ducks and they are the common Merganser wild duck also called the Goosander.  they are larger ducks of lakes and rivers, and they prefer the fresh water. They are common to North America, Europe and Asia.

I love to watch them ducking in and out of the water getting food.They eat fish and nest in holes in trees.  Which makes perfect sense there are a lot of trees in this area.


Wild Common Merganser ducks swimming upriver in the Trinity river, northern California.
Common Merganser ducks in the Trinity river, CA.


These Common Merganser wild ducks like to swim up the side of the river, and then they float down.  sometimes with little ducklings following.  it’s adorable. In the Trinity river, we mostly see these wild ducks in the winter.


The Joss house has a lion dance where people dress up in elaborate lion dragon costumes, and dance.

Harvest Festival, Weaverville, California

Saturday there was the Lion Dance at the Joss House in Weaverville. It is to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year. This is about the third time I have been to the Joss House in my life. I do not think many people that live around Weaverville visit it often.

Beautiful colorful costumes for the Joss House celebration.
Havest Festival at the Joss House in Weaverville, California.

This is definitely something you want to see if you are visiting Weavervile, California.

The dance was interesting and kids were performing, they were great. It looks like hard work.






The Temple of the Forest Beneath the Clouds

The temple is the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California. On display are art objects, pictures, mining tools, and weapons used in the 1854 Tong War. This Taoist temple is still a place of worship and a fascinating look into the role played by Chinese immigrants in early California history. The temple was built in 1874 as a replacement for another that had burned.




Here is a link to the local non profit organization to learn more about the Weaverville Joss house, in northern California.

Two costumes worn by four people, the heads are large lion like dragon like creatures, both red, one with gold and one with white, in the background is the very very old Joss House.
Performing in the traditional costumes.












Farmer’s Markets, Northern California

Willow Creek Organic Farm display of autumn fruits and vegetables


Farmer’s Market – Trinity County


Farmer’s Market – Shasta County





Picture of red, green, and yellow peppars, also watermelons, cucumbers, and butter nut squash, from Willow Creek Organic Farms.
Farmers Market in Weaverville, CA.

Farmer’s Market – Humboldt County


Farmer’s Market – Siskiyou County


Pennys bing cherries, close up of beautiful bright red cherries, Redding, CA
Bing Cherries, Shasta County