4th of July, Weaverville, CA, Destruction Derby

The 4th of July in Weaverville, CA is a week long celebration usually. They have already set up the fair and concessions in the Lowden Park. These are pictures from the Destruction Derby in years past. You have not experience 4th of July in Weaverville until you have experienced the Destruction Derby. It is very exciting!




Lowden Park Slide – old

This is the slide that I my brother and I used to play when we were children it was at Lowden Park in Weaverville. Most likely every person that I know in Weaverville has been on or knows someone that has been on this slide. It is classic!

My aunt and uncle got another piece of the playground. A horse swing. You can see why it could that could be a hazard, an all metal heavy horse swing!

Farmer’s Markets, Northern California

Willow Creek Organic Farm display of autumn fruits and vegetables


Farmer’s Market – Trinity County



Farmer’s Market – Shasta County






Picture of red, green, and yellow peppars, also watermelons, cucumbers, and butter nut squash, from Willow Creek Organic Farms.
Farmers Market in Weaverville, CA.

Farmer’s Market – Humboldt County



Farmer’s Market – Siskiyou County



Pennys bing cherries, close up of beautiful bright red cherries, Redding, CA
Bing Cherries, Shasta County