Trinity River Restoration, Trinity County

I took some photographs in September of the work on the Trinity River Restoration Project,.  It was a hot sunny day.  It seems they have made lots of progress.  Here are more pictures, of some heavy equipment, this was some type of chipper.  Let me know if you know what it is.
Trinity River Restoration Project on the Trinity river.
Heavy equipment being used for Trinity River restoration.

Trinity river restoration project 2010.
Trinity river.
Trinity River restoring the river for the salmon.

Trinity river restoration in 2010 to help restore the salmon spawning.
Trinity river in California.
Trinity River Restoration Project view from the river.

Trinity River Restoration Project, Trinity River, Trinity County, California

The other day I was swimming and the workers were working on the restoration area in the river.  They are trying to restore the shallow banks so that the salmon can continue to breed and spawn. In the last photo you can see the cloud of dust from the truck emptying it’s load.
Trinity river restoration project, Trinity county, California.
Trinity river restoration project, Trinity county, California, view from in the river.

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