Apple Blossoms, Trinity County, CA.

I love apple blossoms, especially the ones with pink.

Apple blossoms soon to be apples. Once again in the cycle spring to fall.


Apple Blossoms in April in Trinity county, California.





















Close up of an apple tree blossom, pink and white, with yellow pistals in the center, and green tiny leaves in between.
I love this apple tree and it’s blossoms in the spring.
Beautiful close up of a pink and white apple blossome with yellow pistals and five or six more closed pink blossoms around the single open one. Beautiful green leaves, and the apple tree trunk with the background of the blue sky and an old bluehouse and tin roof.
Apple blossoms.
Beautiful bright pink and white poppy called rose chiffon poppy in California, a pink rose color with white in the center, and the bluish green background of the glaceous leaves.

California Poppies the State Flower

Bright orange poppy, California's state flower, typically light orange to bright orange as pictured here.
Orange poppy is the typical color of the California state flower.




Poppies are the state flower of California. The scientific name is Eschscholzia californiaca, California poppy, Californian poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight, and cup of gold.  The California Poppy is usually a light orange to bright orange color.

As a native of California, I have only heard of the California Poppy and Californian poppy. They are a drought tolerant flower, which could be why you can see them all they way down to Mexico.

California poppies grow everywhere in California spring, summer, and fall.  They have a very bluish pale green for leaves, with very odd shapes.  This type or color of greens is called glaucous which is a waxy white film over the plant. And you can wipe it away.







Beautiful bright pink and white poppy called rose chiffon poppy in California, a pink rose color with white in the center, and the bluish green background of the glaceous leaves.
Beautiful variation of the orange poppy called Rose Chiffon








This year in my flower garden some volunteer poppies came up.  Right in the edge of the rock garden.  I was so pleased.  Then, a pink with white poppy began to bloom.  It is called “rose chiffon” poppy.













Two California poppies one is the regular bright orange color. The other is a very light bright pink and white, this is a chiffon rose poppy, both in the same garden and volunteers! Amazing! Pictured is the orange and rose chiffon with a grey rock background and the glaucous leaves in the forground.
Beautiful orange California Poppy and a Chiffon Rose California Poppy a variation that is pink and white.
















Pale yellow colored California poppy called lemon bush.
Lemon Bush colored California Poppy

Then a pale yellow colored poppy popped up, this is called lemon bush poppy!

How amazing!


Bright red colored California poppy called Dali, bright red petals and orange inside, same glacous bluish green colored stem and leaves.
Dali California Poppy a red colored variation.







And then to my surprise, another color popped up!

Bright red! This one is called, Dali poppy.













All of these beautiful poppies in the same spot in my garden!  I have only seen the pale yellow and orange poppies, never pink or red!  What a lovely surprise!














Sleeping duck black and white, with gray and bluish rocks in the background, and the dark water with the reflection of the duck.

Wild Common Merganser Ducks in the Trinity River

Two wild common Merganser ducks swimming on the Trinity river.
Wild common Merganser ducks swimming.

These ducks are amazing!  I looked up these ducks and they are the common Merganser wild duck also called the Goosander.  they are larger ducks of lakes and rivers, and they prefer the fresh water. They are common to North America, Europe and Asia.

I love to watch them ducking in and out of the water getting food.They eat fish and nest in holes in trees.  Which makes perfect sense there are a lot of trees in this area.


Wild Common Merganser ducks swimming upriver in the Trinity river, northern California.
Common Merganser ducks in the Trinity river, CA.


These Common Merganser wild ducks like to swim up the side of the river, and then they float down.  sometimes with little ducklings following.  it’s adorable. In the Trinity river, we mostly see these wild ducks in the winter.


Beautiful blue skies and clouds and the early morning light, with snow on the treetops in Trinity county.

Snowy Weather in Northern California

Blue skies and fog and the Trinity river an early morning after fresh snow.
December snow on the Trinity river in CA.

Finally, we have been getting some snow in northern California! We are still experiencing a drought, but the snow pack is much more promising, so far, this year.  I took these before Christmas and after, and it was a white wonderland in Trinity county.  Luckily, for those without all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive, it melted fast.  Snow isn’t fun when you are stuck in it or at home without food or supplies.  Or if you have to be somewhere and can’t get there, or can’t get home.




Beautiful snow capped trees, and the reflection of them in the Trinity river, on a cold December day.
Beautiful snowy day on the Trinity river in California

I remember as a child when it snowed, often my dad had to go to work.  He used to plow the mountain roads at night.  But for the most part, during the snow days, we would just enjoy the snow.  Many times it snowed so much that it just wasn’t safe to drive anywhere. These days though everyone one has all wheel drive, and four wheel drive.  But sometimes even that isn’t enough.  I’ve been in an accident with all wheel drive it is no guarantee.

The best thing to do is have enough food, heat, and supplies on hand, and just be aware if a snowstorm is coming.  Check the weather too!

Checking the weather and road conditions is a good idea in the winter in northern California. Caltrans Road Conditions 

Early morning snow and blue skies, and fog, on the Trinity river,CA.
Wonderful winter in northern California.

Roads can be closed due to; landslides, snowstorms, and flooding. You never know what you will get in the wintertime. California isn’t just Hollywood, Disneyland, and the beach. The beach is all over the state, but it’s not the same beach in northern California as southern. The water is more frigid in the north.  And the waves can be treacherous.

The road to Eureka via Weaverville highway 299 West and East right now is only open in the daytime due to a landslide.  It’s been going on for a week now.  The road was lost to the landslide and there is one lane road open in the day allowing people to pass by, and the wait could be up to an hour.