Beautiful bright pink and white poppy called rose chiffon poppy in California, a pink rose color with white in the center, and the bluish green background of the glaceous leaves.

California Poppies the State Flower

Bright orange poppy, California's state flower, typically light orange to bright orange as pictured here.
Orange poppy is the typical color of the California state flower.




Poppies are the state flower of California. The scientific name is Eschscholzia californiaca, California poppy, Californian poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight, and cup of gold.  The California Poppy is usually a light orange to bright orange color.

As a native of California, I have only heard of the California Poppy and Californian poppy. They are a drought tolerant flower, which could be why you can see them all they way down to Mexico.

California poppies grow everywhere in California spring, summer, and fall.  They have a very bluish pale green for leaves, with very odd shapes.  This type or color of greens is called glaucous which is a waxy white film over the plant. And you can wipe it away.







Beautiful bright pink and white poppy called rose chiffon poppy in California, a pink rose color with white in the center, and the bluish green background of the glaceous leaves.
Beautiful variation of the orange poppy called Rose Chiffon








This year in my flower garden some volunteer poppies came up.  Right in the edge of the rock garden.  I was so pleased.  Then, a pink with white poppy began to bloom.  It is called “rose chiffon” poppy.













Two California poppies one is the regular bright orange color. The other is a very light bright pink and white, this is a chiffon rose poppy, both in the same garden and volunteers! Amazing! Pictured is the orange and rose chiffon with a grey rock background and the glaucous leaves in the forground.
Beautiful orange California Poppy and a Chiffon Rose California Poppy a variation that is pink and white.
















Pale yellow colored California poppy called lemon bush.
Lemon Bush colored California Poppy

Then a pale yellow colored poppy popped up, this is called lemon bush poppy!

How amazing!


Bright red colored California poppy called Dali, bright red petals and orange inside, same glacous bluish green colored stem and leaves.
Dali California Poppy a red colored variation.







And then to my surprise, another color popped up!

Bright red! This one is called, Dali poppy.













All of these beautiful poppies in the same spot in my garden!  I have only seen the pale yellow and orange poppies, never pink or red!  What a lovely surprise!














Sleeping duck black and white, with gray and bluish rocks in the background, and the dark water with the reflection of the duck.

Wild Common Merganser Ducks in the Trinity River

Two wild common Merganser ducks swimming on the Trinity river.
Wild common Merganser ducks swimming.

These ducks are amazing!  I looked up these ducks and they are the common Merganser wild duck also called the Goosander.  they are larger ducks of lakes and rivers, and they prefer the fresh water. They are common to North America, Europe and Asia.

I love to watch them ducking in and out of the water getting food.They eat fish and nest in holes in trees.  Which makes perfect sense there are a lot of trees in this area.


Wild Common Merganser ducks swimming upriver in the Trinity river, northern California.
Common Merganser ducks in the Trinity river, CA.


These Common Merganser wild ducks like to swim up the side of the river, and then they float down.  sometimes with little ducklings following.  it’s adorable. In the Trinity river, we mostly see these wild ducks in the winter.


beautiful great white heron, on the trinity river in the winter time.

Great White Heron, Trinity River, CA

Great white heron with reflection of itself in the Trinity river, CA. It has a large yellow beak with black.
Great white heron or egret.


Beautiful great white heron feeding on the Trinity river, in the wintertime.   These are such beautiful majestic creatures.  Usually we would see, the great blue heron.  Not so often have we seen the great white heron.



Great white heron with large long black legs, and a yellow beak with black, feeding along the Trinity river, CA.
Great White Heron in northern California.


Other names for the great white heron are, great egret, common egret, and large egret.  The heron or egret is definitely large.  They come here to the Trinity river, in the winter to feed.  Along with, the geese, ducks, and great blue herons.



Great White Heron, feeding along the Trinity river, in the winter time.
Great egret along the Trinity river, in Trinity county.


You will see these large birds often off the Interstate 5 that runs through California, they are in the rice fields, and other large bodies of water, that are marsh like.  There are tons of birds in this area of CA, lots of water, food, and lots of birds.  But often you will see many great white egrets standing in the marshes feeding as you drive by.








Several jars in different sizes, small and tall of very dark homemade blackberry jam.

Blackberry Jam, Trinity County, California

Blackberries in a metal ladle in a big steel pot cooking down for blackberry jam.
Blackberries cooking on the stove.

My mother and I always picked lots of blackberries.  It was something that we both enjoyed doing.  My mom made the best blackberry jam.  Over the years she would change the recipe a bit, sometimes only using honey, and sometimes using sugar.  When I was little she used pectin also, but not with the honey.  Usually she would leave out the pectin, and just use sugar instead.  I often would help her, but I never made it on my own.




Big steel pot with blackberries boiling lightly, cooking down for blackberry jam.
Blackberry jam in the making.



I looked up a few recipes, it seemed that many require the same amount of sugar and berries, 4 cups for instance of blackberries, and 4 cups of sugar. For this batch of blackberry jam, organic sugar was used and no pectic.  In order to make the jam thick it was boiled it a little longer than usual.  There were lots of blackberries so much jam was made!.




Picture of a food mill over the steel pot and blackberries inside, turning the mill removes the seedes.
Seedless blackberry jam.



In addition, I made seedless blackberry jam also using a food mill, which turns and smashes the berries and the seeds are separated.






Small round jar of homemade blackberry jam, very dark black berry jam.
Blackberry jam.



After that I cook the blackberries down a little more to make sure they are thickening, and then pour into sanitized jars.  I sanitize the lids, bands, and the jars, and use directly after sanitizing.  Which I did with the dishwasher, it has a “sanitize” setting.





Several jars in different sizes, small and tall of very dark homemade blackberry jam.
Homemade blackberry jam.