Apples and Pears in September, Trinity County

These are the same pears that I had pictures of before. I love fruit picked fresh off the tree. These pear fruits are delicious once they ripen. The apples are from the neighbor. Thanks! Those apples are the best!

Light green pears, that sometimes turn yellow, but not much, a very old pear tree, the pic has many pears and lots of leaves and branches. The sweetest pears ever.

September Brings Us Pears, Trinity County

There is a pear tree that has been on the property for years. I never remember having pears as a child, maybe it did not produce fruit at that time. It never really gets watered, yet the pear fruits are wonderful. They are not large pears and I have no idea what type they are, but they are sweet and delicious. Once we have picked some pears, I want to attempt once again to make a pear clafouti, or clafouti aux poires. You can substitute apples but it is not the same in my opinion.