A tulip to celebrate the month May.



Tulip in Trinity county, California.
Tulip in Trinity county, California.
Red tulip under a tree.

I have to update this post because I found out the real story behind the fir tree.  My dad was driving up a hill in Weaverville, Rasmussen hill, and this fir tree, slid in front of his truck off a hill.  Just this small tree, and underneath a pile of red dirt.  Working for Caltran’s at the time, he put the tree in the truck and continued on with his day.  Apparently, he forgot the tree was in the back of the truck at Caltrans.  When he returned to work, he realized he had forgotten about the fir tree, and then ran it home, and planted. 

So the tree was actually planted in mid 1970’s, so it’s a bit older than I had estimated before.  I guess they were not  thinking how large the tree would grow.  The tree now completely overshadows the tulip along with the trail that the tulip is planted near.  We had to change the path of the trail because the tree got so big.  I glanced over at the tree yesterday and saw some red under the tree.  So I ventured closer and low and behold, my favorite flower, a single tulip.

We love our lone tulip under the fir tree on the Trinity river.
Red Tulip under the fir tree.
Single tulip under the tree.
Love this red tulip shot with the tree branches and moss.
For this shot I was also under the tree and camera held low.