McCloud engine of a train in Siskiyou county, the train is black and maroon.

McCloud Trains

Beautiful engine black and maroon, and all clean and shiney, in McCloud CA.
McCloud Trains in Siskiyou county.

Here are a couple of photos of trains in McCloud, California. One is a refurbished, and looks great. The other looks as though it has been in use for many years.



McCloud is a town located at the base of Mt. Shasta, north of Redding, CA.

My dad took these photographs, when they went on a dinner train up in McCloud, CA.


McCloud Dinner Train

Beautiful view of Mt. Shasta and old buildings and blue skies, in California.
Mt. Shasta, and McCloud, California.

A few people that I know, including my parents have been on this dinner train up in McCloud, California. The train ride is great and the scenery of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding area is quite spectacular. My parents went on the dinner train back in August. Below is a link to the site.



Farmer’s Markets, Northern California

Willow Creek Organic Farm display of autumn fruits and vegetables


Farmer’s Market – Trinity County


Farmer’s Market – Shasta County





Picture of red, green, and yellow peppars, also watermelons, cucumbers, and butter nut squash, from Willow Creek Organic Farms.
Farmers Market in Weaverville, CA.

Farmer’s Market – Humboldt County


Farmer’s Market – Siskiyou County


Pennys bing cherries, close up of beautiful bright red cherries, Redding, CA
Bing Cherries, Shasta County