Sacramento River, Caldwell Park in Redding

Caldwell Park, on The Sacramento river, with view of the train tracks crossing the river.
View of the train bridge, from Caldwell Park.

This was at the Sacramento River at Caldwell Park. There are also train tracks which are high up above the river it is pretty neat when the train goes by.  Caldwell park has baseball fields, a skate board park, and a state of the art swimming facility for the city of Redding, the Redding Aquatic Center.  They have a waterslide, diving, a rock climbing wall in the pool and two huge different pools to choose from one of which is for smaller children and which is used for competition, and also diving.  In the summer time they have movie in the pool and all sorts of activities.

Beautiful old train bridge over the Sacramento river, at Caldwell Park in Redding, California
Train bridge over the Sacramento river.
Beautiful sunny day with pretty clouds on the Sacramento river at Caldwell Park, Redding, California.
Caldwell Park at the Sacramento river.