Lily we will miss you greatly!

About 8 years ago my mother went to the pound.  She found a pretty white dog.  The people at the pound said she was “euth approved”.  My mom thought that meant she was “youth approved” and therefore, good with children.  No, it actually meant she was going to be put down.  Lily came home with my mom the next day.  Low and behold she was “youth approved” and just about the best dog anyone could ask for around children.  
Here are some of my photographs of Lily.  I hope she is doing what she loves and happy where she is, fetching sticks from the river, eating whatever she wants, and chasing cats.  

After camping at Mt. Lassen, lots of ash dirt.

Lily at Limantour beach.

Lily loved Helene Creek.

One of her best friends.

Leading the way at the dog friendly beach Limantour.

Lily the Dog looking for Fuji Apples Under the Apple Tree, Trinity County

Lily loves fruit and vegetables. Her favorites are tomatoes, pears, and apples, probably because they are abundant in the fall for her to scavenge. Here she is when I was picking Fuji apples last week. Although, I believe, she likes the pears more, she tends to be under that tree more often. Apparently the bear cub likes the pears too. There has been two sightings of the bear cub already under the pear tree.

Lily at Limantour Beach at the Point Reyes Sea Shore

Lily at Limantour beach in point reyes seashore. Long beach at Drakes bay, sand, blue sea, white foam, lily the white dog,and background of the coastline heading south.

This is an old pic of Lily at Limantour Beach north or San Francisco, in Marin County. This is a beautiful beach and very often empty.

Limantour is a wonderful beach, it is both a dog beach and non animal beach.  This is an excerpt from Point Reyes, National Seashore.  You can find all kinds of beaches here.

Beaches of Point Reyes

Limantour Beach
A long, narrow spit of sand, bound between Drakes Bay and an estuary, is a bountiful wildlife area. Scores of shorebirds feed in the wetlands and along the beaches during the fall. Ducks abound in winter at old, freshwater stock ponds created during the peninsula’s ranching era. Harbor seals  are often seen bobbing offshore in the gentle waves or basking in the sun’s warmth. Mother gray whales guide their calves along the shoreline during the spring. Dogs are allowed on a 1.8-meter (6-foot) leash on the southeast end of this beach. Dogs are not permitted to the northwest as this area is protected habitat for harbor seals and the endangered snowy plover.