Beautiful bowl of bright red cherries,with their green leaves still and in a stainless steel collainder.

Cherries in Redding, Shasta County, CA

Beautiful stainless steel colander of cherries, just picked.
Redding is hot, and in the spring we have perfect cherries.
Beautiful collainder filled with cherries on an old wooden ladder.
Cherry Tree in Redding, California.

These are the most beautiful and tasty cherries ever!  I sure loved them when we had them to pick every year.  That is when the birds did not get to them first.  One year, they were there, and the next day they were gone!  Apparently, it was the same all around for many cherry crops.





Beautiful bowl of bright red cherries,with their green leaves still and in a stainless steel collainder.
Cherries grow so easily in northern California.
















The cherries only get better each year!  I don’t live there at the moment, but I am sure the cherries were just as delicious if not better than the years before.  I did make some cherry jam once, and it was delicious!  I gave some to my relatives, and kept some for myself also.



Sundial Bridge, Sacramento River in Redding California

The shadow of the sundial bridge on the spring grass and blue sky, at the Sundial bridge.Sundial bridge in Redding California, over the Sacramento river.
This is an excellent family destination. Allow at least two or three hours at the park as there is so much to do. They always have some recent exhibition of art or historical art, there is an aquarium with native species of fish. There is an old mill, Paul Bunyun’s Forest Camp, which has been restored as a learning center, and home to many reptiles and animals. There is a playground for kids to run around and play in. There are birds such as owls and red tail hawks outside as you walk between buildings, and other exotic birds also, and butterflies. You may even catch them during times when they are feeding the birds, animals and fish.
Turtle Bay Exploratorium has hands on experimental area for kids to learn about the environment. The Exploration Park is located on the Sacramento River, right at the Sundial Bridge, where you are free to roam across and enjoy the river, and there you will find the McConnell arboretum and botanical gardens.
Not to forget the Turtle Bay Cafe, located right at the museum and also the bridge. What a way to take in a meal! I recommend checking their site to check their schedule.

View from underneath the sundial bridge, and the Sacramento river.