Excerpt from Trinity Journal, 100 Years Ago

The Trinity Journal is a weekly newspaper. I like to read “The News Back Then” section, which has is the news from years ago, 25 50, 75, 100 and 125 years. This one is from 100 years ago Sept 19, 1909.

The atmosphere has been smoky for the past week, owing to forest fires, 15 of which are raging in the Trinity National forest. Two are near town, one on Brown’s Mountain and the other on Mr. Bally. No damage is reported other than to timber

Surveyor H.L. Lowden went out to the Coumbs’ Springs last Monday to examine into the matter of the location of a road connecting Coumbs’s springs with wagon roads already established. The owners of the springs desire to have wagon road communication established as soon as possible, and will endeavor to complete the connecting road this fall.

On the trip up from Redding last Monday near Lowden Ranch, the Weaverville automobile stripped a gear and was compelled to stop. The passengers were sent to town in a livery team. The parts for the auto arrived Thursday from San Francisco and the company expects to have the machine repaired by the first of the week.

Trinity Journal – 125 Years Ago

This is the best laugh I have had in some time. In the Trinity Journal Weaverville’s newspaper there is a section called
“The News Back Then”. They have back to 150 years ago.
Well, in the 125 years ago section, Saturday, September 15, 1883. There are a few sentences about what is happening in the town.

They talk about building work commencing for Trinity Center’s

new school house. The next sentence and paragraph reads.

That is it. Just the one sentence. I guess the person writing that did not like Chico, CA.