Strawberry Moon in Trinity County, California

Strawberry moon, a very reddish moon, with black sky surrounding, the moon was the Strawberry moon last night.
Strawberry Moon rising in Trinity county, California.





Yesterday was the Strawberry moon, and one of my favorite things to do is watch the moon rise.  This time it was the Strawberry moon.

I ran to get the camera and the moon had already risen above the treeline.  I was expecting to see more red, as there was a fire close by, but it was clear.  This isn’t red from the sky, it’s the exposure.







Pictures is a very whilte moon, from June's Strawberry full moon, in Trinity county CA.
Strawberry Moon rising, California.















Beautiful large white moon, in the lower left of the photo frame by Veroniqque, northern California native.
Strawberry moon rising last night in Trinity county, CA.