Easter pic of Peeps in a bowl with jellie bellies all pink,and a baby soft lamb, and a little rabbit face cancle.

Easter Flower Bouquet with Peeps and Jelly Bellies

Easter flower arrangement, fish bowl with pink peeps and pink jelly bellies on the bottom and peeps facing out. Flowers in the bowl are gerbera daisies, and tulips.
Easter Flowers with Peeps and Jelly Bellies.

I made these Easter arrangements and just now getting around to putting them on my site.  They were a big hit!  Very easy to make also!  Can hold flowers, or whatever you want to put in the vase.  I used pink peeps and pink jelly bellies, but you can use whatever color peeps you want   Also whatever color and flavor jelly beans or jelly bellies!

In California we tend to like jelly bellies!  Cause Jelly Belly is headquartered here. You can visit the Jelly Belly factory and see how they are made!


Beautiful light pink tulips arranged in my Easter pink Peeps and Pink Jelly Bellies, in the bowl, inside is another bowl that holds the flowers and water, keeping the peeps and jelly bellies dry.
Easter flowers, pink tulips.



You need a fishbowl type shaped vase, and also another vase to hold the water, and the flowers inside the fishbowl container.  After you put the Jelly Bellies in then put the peeps in facing outward and then carefully add the inside container for the flowers.  You must be careful not to get the Peeps or Jelly Bellies we as the color will run and the candy will melt from the water.





Beautiful tulipis and gerbera daisies in flower arrangement in a vase of pink peeps and pink jelly bellies
Easter holiday flower arrangement.

There you have it!  I made this just a couple days before Easter and you still have time to make one too!  Everyone will love it!  Also you can eat it after the holiday or put it in a zip lock bag (not the flowers of course) and save it for Easter holidays to come.  It might be susceptible to ants, so keep it in something.  That’s what my aunt does!

If you have any question please let me know!  Should be fairly simple, you just need to have a couple bowls and vases so that one can fit in another, and give room for the peeps and jelly bellies too!

Baby lamb stuffed animal and the pink Easter Tulip arrangement in the Peeps and Jelly Belly vase.
Easter lamb my Mom gave me, and Easter flowers.