Garden Herbs, Shasta County

english thyme in my garden in Redding, California, VeroniqqueUpdate!  My herbs are doing wonderful!  The English thyme is still there and it’s been going for a couple of years now, and the parsley, the chives look beautiful and I can’t believe how well these herbs do over the years.  I just planted some basil, and I might plant some more parsley.
I planted English thyme, Italian parsley, and some regular Thyme.  I had some chives which were already growing in a tiny clay pot for a couple years.  Also oregano, which was in the same clay pot, but  I replanted this year, to be with the parsley and oregano and it seems to be doing much better.

herb garden in Shasta county.
Herbs grown in the yard.
Italian Parsley grown in Redding, Shasta county, Veroniqque.
Italian parsley growing in a pot.
I absolutely love having the fresh herbs on hand to cook with.  They are great for adding to a sautee of vegetables, or roasting a chicken with herbs and garlic.