Apple Blossoms, Trinity County, CA.

I love apple blossoms, especially the ones with pink.

Apple blossoms soon to be apples. Once again in the cycle spring to fall.


Apple Blossoms in April in Trinity county, California.





















Close up of an apple tree blossom, pink and white, with yellow pistals in the center, and green tiny leaves in between.
I love this apple tree and it’s blossoms in the spring.
Beautiful close up of a pink and white apple blossome with yellow pistals and five or six more closed pink blossoms around the single open one. Beautiful green leaves, and the apple tree trunk with the background of the blue sky and an old bluehouse and tin roof.
Apple blossoms.

Happy New Year’s Day!!

New Year’s Eve was very casual for me this new year, staying in and relaxing in my p.j.s. I prepared some Swiss and Gruyère cheese fondue, cracked crab and also enjoyed champagne. I invited the neighbors to come and have some with me and to please wear their pajama’s! Thanks Ladies for coming over! 🙂

The fondue recipe is one from a restaurant that is no longer in Chico, it was called Rubino’s, it was a wonderful fondue restaurant.







Apples and Pears in September, Trinity County

These are the same pears that I had pictures of before. I love fruit picked fresh off the tree. These pear fruits are delicious once they ripen. The apples are from the neighbor. Thanks! Those apples are the best!

Blue cheese, sliced apples and sliced french bread from Point Reyes.

Blue Cheese, Apples and Bread

Delicious Point Reyes Blue Cheese, and baguette and apples on a bright blue plate.
Point Reyes Blue Cheese with Apples and Bread
Point Reyes blue cheese is delicious served with apple and french bread.
Point Reyes Blue Cheese







Yesterday I wanted some blue cheese for my salad. I found several cheeses to choose from at Tops Supermarket, in Weaverville. They actually have a great assortment of cheeses, for a price, I will mention. It is the only main stream grocery store in the town.




I found this cheese company, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Californian, located in Point Reyes. I bought the cheese, because I wanted to try it. It was delicious. I had some as an appetizer.