Apple Blossoms, Trinity County, CA.

I love apple blossoms, especially the ones with pink.

Apple blossoms soon to be apples. Once again in the cycle spring to fall.


Apple Blossoms in April in Trinity county, California.





















Close up of an apple tree blossom, pink and white, with yellow pistals in the center, and green tiny leaves in between.
I love this apple tree and it’s blossoms in the spring.
Beautiful close up of a pink and white apple blossome with yellow pistals and five or six more closed pink blossoms around the single open one. Beautiful green leaves, and the apple tree trunk with the background of the blue sky and an old bluehouse and tin roof.
Apple blossoms.
Beautiful bowl of bright red cherries,with their green leaves still and in a stainless steel collainder.

Cherries in Redding, Shasta County, CA

Beautiful stainless steel colander of cherries, just picked.
Redding is hot, and in the spring we have perfect cherries.
Beautiful collainder filled with cherries on an old wooden ladder.
Cherry Tree in Redding, California.

These are the most beautiful and tasty cherries ever!  I sure loved them when we had them to pick every year.  That is when the birds did not get to them first.  One year, they were there, and the next day they were gone!  Apparently, it was the same all around for many cherry crops.





Beautiful bowl of bright red cherries,with their green leaves still and in a stainless steel collainder.
Cherries grow so easily in northern California.
















The cherries only get better each year!  I don’t live there at the moment, but I am sure the cherries were just as delicious if not better than the years before.  I did make some cherry jam once, and it was delicious!  I gave some to my relatives, and kept some for myself also.



Beutiful display of carros, squashes butternut and acorn, at the Weaverville Farmers' Market.

Farmer’s Markets In Northern California

Here is a listing for the Farmers Market in Shasta County.  Starts April 3rd.

For Trinity County, I didn’t find a website, but i found a Facebook page, if you are interested in that Farmers Market.  It is every Wednesday starting at 4pm

Chico has a market on Saturday and Thursday, both located downtown, in addition to other days.

Below is the California Certified Grown Farmer’s Market you do a search to find local market’s in each city.

Pomegranate, A Delicious and Nutritious Fruit

Pictures are cleaned pomegranate seeds in a stainless steel collainder over a white bowl.
Pomegranates grow well in California.


A pomegranate fruit was one of my favorites as a child and still is. It is so delicious, worth the effort it takes to peel.I f you put one in a bowl or sink of water, it is less messy and also easier to peel. You can thank my aunt for that piece of advice. She uses them in a particular salad that she serves. Recently I read something about the pomegranate seeds being very good for you.  They have large quantities of antioxidants also.








Close up picture of a cleaned pomegranate seeds in a thin stainless steel weaved colainder, over a white bowl.
Pomegranates taste great!




I found this site which I found to be very well made.   If you have never had a pomegranate, this would be a very helpful site.