Close up of Penny's pink rose, beautiful light pink and lighter pink with a tint of orange.

Penny’s Roses in Redding, California

Fuschia red rose in Redding California.

This rose is the same every year and beautiful!
Fuschia Rose
 My mother has beautiful roses, they are continually blooming it seems, and she has a wide variety of different types and colors of roses. 
Pennys Pink rose in Shasta County.

Pink white rose, after a rain, in Penny's garden
Penny’s pink white rose, in the garden tract, Redding, CA.
Pink White Rose after rain.

Penny's rose, orange, and some chives, in the garden tract, Redding, CA.
Penny’s orange rose, and chives, in the Garden Tract.
Orange Rose and Chives.

Tropicana rose, Penny's rose, this one is an orange, salmon like color, blooms almost all year long.
Penny’s rose, Tropicana rose.
Tropicana Rose