Daphne Bouquet.

I made a bouquet of Daphne recently and I love this flower so much.   I know I go on and on about it.  It’s a perfect winter flower.  It’s actually a big bush, and blooms quite a lot.
Daphne a winter flower and bush.
Daphne is beautiful and smells even better.
bouquet of daphne
Bouquet of Daphne in a antique bottle.



Daphne is blooming in Shasta County

One of my favorite flowers, thanks to my Mother!  This is a wonderfully fragrant flower, and blooms annually.  The Daphne in our yard, is quite large, a big bush it also has some palmy sort of plant within it, that isn’t part of the Daphne.  There are many, many Daphne blooms all over it.  Currently I have several vases in the house.  It makes the house smell of flowers, and it is very nice.

Daphne is so fragrant, it can fill your whole house with a beautiful smell.
One of the most fragrant smelling flowers.
Daphne bush in Shasta County.

Daphne notes for their scented flowers and their poisonous berries.
Beautiful Daphne.
The flower smells so beautiful!

Daphne bush will be a great addition to your yard.
Daphne might not be good for pets or children due to poisonous berries.
So many blooms, when you walk by you can smell them.
Daphne, I love this bush, its, my favorite, Veroniqque.





Beautiful tiny Daphne flower is beautiful and tiny but has a large wonderful fragrance.

Daphne flowers

This morning I awoke to the wonderful smell of Daphne flowers next to my bed. These are very small tiny flowers usually on a large bush, and they are very fragrant. These flowers would make a wonderful perfume. An extra plus to have fragrant flowers in the winter too, of course this is California.

Beautiful Daphne flower of a big bush in Redding, California.
Daphne flower in Redding, California.