Firefighters Monument, Junction City, Trinity County, CA

In Junction City, CA at the fire station, there is a rock monument which was dedicated in remembrance of those brave firefighters that lost their lives while fighting fire. The fires were horrific, and many firefighters from all over came to fight many fires. It was a tragic season for the lives that were lost during those terrible fires.

The people who live in the area have not forgotten and are very grateful for those that sacrificed their lives in the fires of 2008. They will always be remembered as brave souls that helped fight some of the worst CA fires ever.

We appreciate all the work the firefighters do in the area every day. We see the trucks filled with firefighters every day on Hwy 299 driving to and from the fires. You see them in groups at restaurants, stores, hotels, camp grounds, and always at the local fire stations. There were a few just resting in the shade on the day that I stopped by the monument. They were fully dressed, it was 100 + degrees outside, but the heat rarely seems to faze them.

Thank You!

Memorial for Firefighters

I went to the memorial yesterday in Junction City, CA for the fallen firefighters. I was glad that I went there were quite a few people there. I thought the governor might be there but he was not. There were some nice things said. It was an emotional event.

I thought that very nice, that the families came for the event.That must be so difficult. My cousin and I each baked about 6 loaves of bread zucchini and also zucchini banana. It is not much, but it was something we could do for the families.

There was some talk about policy change and implementing change in how things were handled. I guess that is the positive from all this negative. Steps will be taken to prevent future accidents.

I did not take any pictures at the memorial. I am not with the press, and I just thought it rude to take photos at a memorial. I copied this picture from the Record Searchlight.

Fires in Junction City

After swimming I drove home, via Oregon mountain and stopped at the side of the mountain to take pictures of the fires burning on another mountain. You can see where the smokes is coming from the fires. While I was stopped there taking pictures another woman stopped. We noticed another huge billow of smoke from another fire. As it turns out the woman looked familiar and it was a friend of my mothers.

You can see the smoke from the fires to the left, and to the right.

Close up shot of the smoke.