ARC American Red Cross, northen California

Volunteering for Red Cross in Northern California


Have you thought about volunteering in your county in northern California?  Do you live in Modoc, Siskiyou, Shasta, Tehama, Lassen or Trinity counties?  Have you wanted to help people in your community, especially in times of tragedy and disaster?  Have you wanted to help people throughout the nation during disasters? Do you have internet access? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you might consider volunteering for the Red Cross.

I started volunteers after the 2014 summer fires.  I was motivated by homes, and forest fires burning many acres in my county.  I tried to help at that time.  Many people like me, want to help in that moment of crisis, but  Red Cross has a fairly rigid screening process.  Not everyone or anyone can just walk into an evacuation shelter and help.  I am very grateful for that, for the clients, and for myself.  So even though I couldn’t go and help at that moment, I decided that I would train and become a volunteer for future disasters.

I am so thankful that I did!  It has been a wonderful experience!  There are myths and rumors that you have to be a nurse or medic to volunteer for Red Cross.  I used to think that, and since I’ve started volunteering, several times I have been asked if I was a nurse. That isn’t the case at all!

I volunteer in the Disaster Services and so do most the people in northern California.  One way Red Cross supports your county,is for every house fire, Red Cross helps the victims.  But that is just one aspect, and there are many positions volunteers can choose from.

If you want to help make a difference, helping people during disasters, and or events in disaster preparedness, please go and apply online!

Happy New Year!


Organic Consumer’s Association, Boycott these Brands

scan0019Why do so many other nations ban GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) already?

Ban and boycott GMO products.
You can make the difference for the later generations!

Nothing will change in our country unless we tell these companies, we don’t want to use your products any more!  Are we so addicted to these products that we cannot say no?

In fact, these companies are donating millions of dollars to what, save in some labeling cost?

Could all the money that went to stop GMO labeling went to just cover the cost of that process?  Instead they want to keep the ingredients, mislabeled, and the actual food source, a secret.

If companies, can afford millions or more in donations to stop the process  of labeling,  doesn’t it seem odd that it’s so hard for them to ad a simple 3 letter label on their products.  What is really at stake here, why not give the consumer a choice, isn’t that what this country is about?


How long have GMO’s been in use?  What do we really know?   Wasn’t smoking cigarettes considered fashionable, acceptable, and completely safe in hospitals just 40 years ago?  What are we going to find out in 40 years about GMO’s?

Below is a complete list.

Countries that currently ban certain foods and GMO’s.  And currently 20 states are considering GMO legislation.

It doesn’t seem fair, that we have been buying certain products for years, and we trust that they are the same as they were 30 or 4o years, ago, and they are not.  They have replaced natural ingredients, with genetically modified ingredients.

In my family, we do, continually, use the same brands, for generations.  Believe me, all these major brand companies know that too.  You can make a change, you don’t have to stop using your favorite products, tell them, put a note on the Facebook page, send out a Tweet,  take 5 minutes and call one of the numbers and tell them how you feel.

Many people are just unaware, that bigger companies, umbrella smaller companies with different names that seem organic and natural and good for you, but are actually containing genetically modified products.

Morning Star Farms is, in fact, Kellogs.  Cascadian Farms is General Mills. Honest Tea,  is Coco Cola.   Kashi is Kellogs.  I used to think I was being healthy by choosing Kashi, then I found out it’s Kellogs too, and contains GMO’s.

Personally, I want the choice, of knowing, if it has GMO’s in it or not.