Beutiful display of carros, squashes butternut and acorn, at the Weaverville Farmers' Market.

Farmer’s Markets In Northern California

Here is a listing for the Farmers Market in Shasta County.  Starts April 3rd.

For Trinity County, I didn’t find a website, but i found a Facebook page, if you are interested in that Farmers Market.  It is every Wednesday starting at 4pm

Chico has a market on Saturday and Thursday, both located downtown, in addition to other days.

Below is the California Certified Grown Farmer’s Market you do a search to find local market’s in each city.

Zinnia Flowers, Cameron Park, El Dorado County

Zinnia’s are beautiful flowers that spring in the late summer early fall.   These were planted by a neighbor of my relatives, and they really made the driveway so lovely.   There were zinnias everywhere!  Zinnias, got their name from Johann Gottfried Zinn, who contributed greatly to the study of anatomy, and to provide the first comprehensive anatomy of the human eye.  Interestingly enough, he was a botanist also, and thus the flower was named after him.

Beautiful zinnia's will brightern any garden in northern California.
Zinnias in Cameron Park
Orange zinnia in the drieveway garden, Cameron Park.
Orange Zinnia
purple zinnias, in northern california, Cameron Park.
Purple Zinnia

zinnias_el_dorado_county_sacramento (5)

Pink Zinnia, in Cameron Park, California.
Pink Zinnia.
Orange Zinnia, in Cameron Park, California.
Orange Zinnia.
Orange Zinnia, in Cameron Park, California.
Orange zinnia, Cameron Park, California.
Red zinnia, El Dorado County, northern California.
Red zinnia, El Dorado County.

Sundial Bridge, Sacramento River, Shasta County

Sundial bridge a walking bridge, over the Sacramento river, Redding, California

This bridge is fantastic! I think that it was one of the greatest structures to be built in California. I have visited it numerous time and it is just wonderful to visit. My grandpa will argue with you till the sun comes up about what a waste of money it was. If you want to get him riled up just mention the Sundial Bridge. 🙂

“Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava conceived the Sundial Bridge’s unusual design, his first free-standing bridge in the United States.”


Sundial bridge over the Sacramento river in Redding California, with glass plates, and it is a sundial.
Beautiful Sundial bridge over the Sacramento river.


View of the bridge from underneath, and right on the Sacramento river, Redding, California.
Sacramento river underneath the Sundial bridge.


Sacramento river, and in the distance the Sundial bridge, a walking bridge crossing.
Sundial bridge in the distance on the Sacramento river.

a vineyard throught a rusted fence

Alexander Valley Road, Healdsburg, Sonoma County

This is Alexander Valley Road.

Grapevines, in the beginning stages, in Alexander valley.
Lots of vineyards and wineries in Alexander Valley.
Alexander Valley is a great place to visit vineyards and wineries.
Alexander Valley near Healdsburg, California.

This vineyard was off of some random road off of Alexander Valley Road, north of Healdsburg, CA. The back road to Calistoga, and Napa Valley. Truly the heart of wine country in my opinion. Some of the best and most beautiful vineyards and wineries in the world.

If you are in California and enjoy wine, you should not miss taking a drive through Sonoma County, especially in the spring.

You will see rolling hills of green, vineyard after vineyard, beautiful old trees, fresh water, spring flowers, and of course spacious blue skies!

Alexander Valley road connects Healdsburg, and Calistoga, in California.
A must see for wine enthusiasts!