Fruit Tart, Tarte Aux Fruits, Toulous Lautrec

To make a good fruit tart, prepare the pastry the
night before with wheat on flour-on guard not to handle
it too much-in proportions of a third of butter to
two thirds to flour; add sufficient water and salt.
Cover with a cloth and let your pastry rest.
Next day, lay it out; add a little more butter, roll it
and fold it many and many a time.

Bed your pastry on a butter baking sheet; prick it
with fork so tht it does not puff up when cooking,
other wise you will have puff pastry.
Next set out your fruit: cherries, cherry plums,
mirabelle plums, various stoned plums, apples cut in
round, sugar according to the acidity of your fruit.
And, to decorate, with some pastry, place your
initials on top; for examle, “Momo.”*
*A pet pseudonym for Lautrec.

pg. 145 The Art of Cuisine
Toulouse-Lautrec Maurice Joyant