Pig Pen Birthday Party for Kids.

When I was a kid, my mom made lots of cakes.  One time we had a fight with the cake batter, in the house.  

It was a long time ago, but it was probably the most fun, us kids had ever at one time.

Hence, I believe the theme for this party, Pig Pen.

It was Rainbow Girls birthday and in addition to being a puppet maker, movie star and ballerina, she is an avid believer in playing in the mud.  

So this party was all about playing in the mud among other things.  There was a kiddie pool full of jello.  The jello didn’t set too well in the 95 degree weather.  

Also, a tub of chocolate pudding, another kiddie pool filled with water balloons, a water slide, and a mud slide.  

The kids all made an obstacle course with the water slide, jello tubs, mud slide, and various tasks.  Then we timed everyone.  Many of the kids wanted to do it again and improve their times.  🙂

Then in addition there was a chocolate cake fight we had, and whipped cream fight.    We rinsed off in the hoses, and got chocolate cake out of our ears.

After all that was done, the kids started using the jello and pudding to dump on one another.    Soon there were bees due to all the sugar.

Only one adult got stung.

This was the pig pinata, and there was a princess one too, which they hit first.  

The princess one was a big disappointment.  

It was a big fake out and had DIRT in it.  🙂 

I thought that was pretty funny.

The water balloon fight was fun too!  Although the water balloons had a sting to them when the hit you.  So after a couple kids were crying from being stung by water balloons, we figured out it was best to throw them at the ground in front of a person.  

All in all it was an excellent birthday party.  After it was all over and everyone was heading out, I heard the birthday girl asked, 

“Can we do it all over again?” 🙂