Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum

Recently we went to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.  It had been some time since I had visited and I missed it.  I went with my cousins kids.  They really enjoyed it.  The Dr. Seuss Art exhibit is going on thru April 15th, and I highly recommend it.  The exhibit is interesting, fun for the children and his art work is amazing.  There is a reading area for the children.
In addition there is a fly fishing expedition going on thru April 15, 2012 also.  That was not my favorite part of the exhibit, but none the less interesting, and the children seemed to enjoy that one more than me.  Perhaps they enjoy fishing, more than I.  Or perhaps they never had a fish hook caught in their neck, like me, when I was a kid.  Yes, that could be it. 🙂 There is so much to do at turtle bay I could write an essay here about it.

You should visit the site yourself and see what they have to offer.  The museum and exploration park are right next to the Sundial bridge. Don’t expect there to be refreshments besides a drinking fountain. There used to be a cafe there also, but is out of business AGAIN.  That should be the most successful cafe in town, but for some reason or another, every owner has failed to make it profitable.  Big changed coming to the museum and the cafe when the Sheraton comes to town so you might visit the museum now, while it’s in it’s original state.  


Here are a few pictures from our trip.   Enjoy!

Bird Exhibit, feed and interact with birds.



Dr. Seuss Art Exhibit ends April 15.


Dr. Seuss Art Exhibit, Turtle Bay Exploration Park.


Dr. Seuss Classic.
Fresh water fish at the aquarium at Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
Fresh water fish in the aquarium, Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
Dr. Seuss Art Exhibit.
The fox at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.
Little hand and more Dr. Seuss writings.



Here is  a link to Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s website.

They have events and all kinds of activities for children.  It’s a wonderful place for people of all ages.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum

Fruit Tart, Tarte Aux Fruits, Toulous Lautrec

To make a good fruit tart, prepare the pastry the
night before with wheat on flour-on guard not to handle
it too much-in proportions of a third of butter to
two thirds to flour; add sufficient water and salt.
Cover with a cloth and let your pastry rest.
Next day, lay it out; add a little more butter, roll it
and fold it many and many a time.

Bed your pastry on a butter baking sheet; prick it
with fork so tht it does not puff up when cooking,
other wise you will have puff pastry.
Next set out your fruit: cherries, cherry plums,
mirabelle plums, various stoned plums, apples cut in
round, sugar according to the acidity of your fruit.
And, to decorate, with some pastry, place your
initials on top; for examle, “Momo.”*
*A pet pseudonym for Lautrec.

pg. 145 The Art of Cuisine
Toulouse-Lautrec Maurice Joyant